At Huez* we see a future where bicycles are the most popular way to get around. 

We visualize a world where modern sportswear is so enriched with technology, that people are able to live in style and be more healthy than ever before.To make our clothing, we've drawn inspiration from the most amazing places on the planet, and used the finest materials from Europe, USA and Japan. We deliver performance and style for the competitive road racer, everyday cyclist and for all you people who just like to have fun on your bikes.

What is the coolest thing you do? 

Reviewing hundreds of fabrics and their latest technical specifications is awesome. Today’s technology in
fabrics is amazing and can add so much to our day-to-day lives.

What's so good about Lambeth? 

Old Paradise yard is incredibly central. It offers an approach to all of London, by bike we can be in Mayfair in
10 minutes or Shoreditch in 15. Lambeth council also want to make Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London an objective we
would like to help them achieve.

What can we expect from you in the next year? 

We are very excited to be launching some very innovative products next year. First to be
launched on kickstarter is the lightest wind jacket in the world and the
first to have a quickburst functionality to remove it. Come check it out.