The Well Garden

The Well Garden is both a Holistic Health Centre and thriving Yoga Studio. 

Working to integrate harmony and relaxation into the urban fray, The Well Garden is a haven for wellbeing and nourishment. With a diverse range of therapists and teachers, The Well Garden provides a dynamic environment for you to take time for yourself; to release your body and mind from the daily stresses and nurture a more balanced and fruitful lifestyle.

Roll out your mat, salute to the sun and kick-start your day with a yoga practice that gets your body in motion. Challenge yourself, see a new perspective and turn yourself upside down with one of our inversion workshops that will send your body and mind flying, or get to grips with what’s ‘eating you’ in session with one of our therapists. 

The Well Garden offers a whole host of treatments including nutritional therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, amongst others, that complement one another to bring the ‘joie de vivre’ back to Hackney, back to health, and back to you.